Why You Should Sharpen Your Old Knives, Even If They Are Not Very Expensive

Whether you’re a professional chef or cook at home, you probably have knives that you’ve used for years. But not everyone bothers to keep them sharp, so why make work harder? People who enjoy cooking usually take care of their kitchen tools, including a set of quality knives; for those who don’t, sharp knives make preparing a meal so much easier and quicker. However, whatever its use, from a multi-purpose kitchen knife, meat cleaver or steak knife, just like all well-used kitchen equipment, the quality deteriorates.

To Buy or Not to Buy

Over time, you may notice the blade starting to dull and the steel showing nicks. Due to these imperfections, you start to search online for expensive replacements. Eventually, you will find a suitable match and be ready to make a purchase. However, before making the purchase, consider exploring other options. Would you really buy a new set of knives knowing that there are ways to restore your old knives back to their factory finish?

Restoring Your Knives Factory Finish

Knife sharpening tools vary from simple stone to elaborate contraptions for professional kitchens. A simple sharpener is good to a point; but to rejuvenate your knives to their original sharpness, having knives sharpened professionally has the edge. At Perth Knife Sharpening, we assess your knives and use specific techniques to restore your knives’ steel to be as sharp as new. Based on the level of wear on your knives, we have various tools to tackle each sharpening job at hand. From belt-driven systems to water-cooled electric stones, our range of sharpening tools and machines can sharpen almost any type of knife back to its factory finish.

By taking advantage of our knife sharpening services, you will see how sharpening your reliable old knives is often better, and certainly more economical than buying new ones.

Increasing Cutting Performance

A good example of how a sharp knife makes a difference is when cutting onions. When using a dull blade, you press down harder on the onion causing more juices to seep out. This adds to the burning sensation in your eyes. However, if you use a sharp knife, you remove less juice from the onion, reducing watery eyes and retaining flavour.

By sharpening your old knives, expect a new lease of life and excellent performance. You will not need to exert more force when cutting down on tough meat or vegetables. Just let the knife do its work by pressing downwards to chop or carve with ease, and stop worrying about not cutting the exact thickness or retaining the shape, especially useful if you want to cut paper-thin slices of vegetables or meat.

Preventing Injury in the Kitchen

Dull knives are more likely to slip than sharp knives due to the greater force being exerted when cutting. Using a sharp knife enables you to cut food easily, reducing the chances of slippage and cuts to your hands or fingers.

The advantages of sharpening your old knives are that you prolong the life of trusted kitchen tools, maintain quality and avoid accidents. Book our sharpening service online and experience the utmost convenience from us now.


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