Specialist Knife Sharpening Techniques

Below are a few of the systems that we use the most, we can't show you everything as we'd be giving away all our secrets ! If you have any questions when we come to pick up your knives please feel free to ask and we'll be able to explain our systems in more detail.

We can also leave you with some tips on knife maintenance & how to look after your now seriously sharp knives.

We also have a series of guides to help get that straight blade profile when sharpening by hand as this is they key to getting a sharp knife.

Belt Driven, Water Cooled System

We use this the most as it extremely versatile in the right hands and has so many options of different grade belts. It can be used for many different types of honing as well as sharpening serrated knives.

Leather Honing Strops

Leather Honing Strops are used to finish most knives to bring up that mirror finish razor sharp edge

Tormek T8 Water Cooled

We use this machine most often when a knife is given to us in poor condition, to re-profile the blade and also if we need to rebuild a broken tip

How We Sharpen Your Knives

Perth Knife Sharpening Co brings the quality of mobile knife sharpening in Perth to a new level because we know how important your knives are to you.

We assess your knife and use techniques specific to each knife and its condition. Depending on the level of wear on your knife, we have different sets of tools to tackle the job at hand, from honing on our belt driven system, or using our water-cooled electric stones. We have a wide array of tools to sharpen almost any type of knife back to its factory finish.

Newly sharpened knives make all the difference. Browse our site to find out more about our knife sharpening prices and techniques.