Mobile Services, Techniques and Pricing: The Only Knife Sharpening Guide You Need

If you’ve ever used a dull knife, then you know how inefficient they can be in the kitchen. Dull knives often require brute force when used for cutting, inevitably damaging the food, the board and your kitchen tabletops.

When cutting soft food like tomato or fish, you’ll have to move the blade back and forth several times to get a good slice. A dull knife can slip, cause wrist injuries and slow down food prep.

A sharp knife always works better and gives you precise control over the blade. It slides into the food with little effort while providing crisp, straight slices. Sharp knives chop more smoothly and are much safer to use.

Understand the Importance of Sharpening Services

Although there are sharpening stones available on the market, they don’t deliver the quality you need. Sharpening knives without proper equipment and training would be wasting valuable time and effort. Worse, incorrect sharpening movements can cause blade edges to become brittle. Your knife can chip or crack while in use, compromising your safety and that of your kitchen staff.

Investing in knife sharpening services is the safest way to maintain the quality of this essential kitchen tool. At Perth Knife Sharpening, we offer high-quality sharpening services to households and restaurants within the greater Perth region.

We carry a vast array of tools to sharpen knives back to their factory finish. With our professional service, you’re confident about your knife’s reliability and safety at all times.

Types of Services

At Perth Knife Sharpening, we combine traditional methods with cutting-edge technology when sharpening your knives. Our services include:

    • Belt Drive, Water Cooled System
    • Leather Honing Strops
    • Tormek T8 Water Cooled

Pricing for Sharpening Services

Our team of specialists at Perth Knife Sharpening assess your knives and use the technique specific to each knife and its condition. We maintain a competitive range of prices for our sharpening services without compromising efficiency and quality. The prices for our services are the following:

    • $6.50  Small Knife Sharpening
    • $8.00  Medium Knife Sharpening
    • $10.00  Large Knife Sharpening
    • $10.00  Domestic/Kitchen Scissors Sharpening
    • $10.00  Serrated/Bread Knife Sharpening
    • $15.00  Tailor/Dressmaking/Sailmaking Scissor Sharpening
    • $4.00  Small Chisel Sharpening
    • $6.00  Medium Chisel Sharpening
    • $8.00  Large Chisel Sharpening
    • $30.00  Sharpening for a Set of Chisels (up to 6)
    • $50.00  Knife Block Sharpening Voucher (includes up to 8 knives and 1 pair of scissors, valid up to 12 months)

Benefit from Our Mobile Service

You don’t need to visit our facility to have your knives sharpened. Let us come to you; we’re just one phone call away.

Perth Knife Sharpening has an onsite full mobile sharpening workshop that services homes and commercial establishments across Perth. We have a wealth of experience in sharpening all kinds of sharp tools, you can entrust yours with us. All you need to do is book a sharpening service on our website or call us on 0483 908 809.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with our team at your most convenient time.


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